Natural health care

Natural health

Welcome on our website about Alternative Health Care

You'd like to improve your immune system or you're looking for natural methods to heal your allergy, back pain, headache or imsonia? Try MUDRAS as an alternative healing technique.

This is the start of a new web site about Alternative Health Care.

Our main goal is to provide basic information on Alternative Health Care, especially how to treat common medical problems like allergy, back pain, headache, insomnia, ...

We won't limit us to one treatment, but we'll give you an overview of several useful alternative treatment techniques like mudras, reflexology, aroma therapy, acupressure, jin shin jyutsu, ...

Chair Massage

We have updated our health site with a FREE eBook on chair massage.

You can download it without registration from CHAIR MASSAGE. You are free to give this ebook on chair massage to your friends and family.


We have uploaded a FREE eBook on acupressure with an alphabetical complaints list with associated acupressure points. You can use this eBook also for self-treatment.

You can download it without registration from ACUPRESSURE. You are free to give this ebook on acupressure to friends or family.

Head Massage

On the page HEADACHE you can find an eBook on head massage.

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